Departmeant Head's Welcome

As the head of the Applied Mechanics Department I would like to welcome you to the department’s home page!

The Department of Applied Mechanics teaches subjects and conducts research in the area of engineering mechanics at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences for engineering, technical teacher and IT students who participate in higher-level vocational courses, BSc programs, MSc/MA programs, postgraduate specialisation courses, and the PhD program.

In the post secondary courses Mechanics I and Mechanics II subjects are offered to Mechanical Engineering Assistants and Mechatronics Engineering Assistants.

In the BSc programs students of Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Transport Engineering, Logistics Engineering, Engineering Management, and Vocational Teacher Training take compulsory and elective subjects in Mechanics. Students who participate in the BSc programs of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Economic IT Engineering may take optional subjects in Mechanics.

The subjects taught by the department in BSc programs are Mechanics-Statics, Mechanics of Materials, Mechanics-Dynamics, Mechanics-Vibrations, Finite Element Method, and Mechanisms.

In the Master’s programs of the university the department offers compulsory mechanics subjects for students of Vehicle Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Transport Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Logistics Engineering. The department’s subjects in the master’s programs include Applied Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis, Applied Elasticity, and Dynamics of Structures.

In the postgraduate courses the department teaches the compulsory subjects Mechanics for Engineers I and Mechanics for Engineers II for students specialising as Transportation Engineering Expert, Commercial Vehicles Operator, or Railway-Vehicle Systems Expert.

For the students of the Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of Engineering the department offers the subjects Continuum Mechanics, and Mechanical Applications of the Finite Element Method.

The scientific research fields of the department include solving problems concerned with statics, stresses, dynamics, vibrations, and coupled thermomechanical problems. Another area of interest is the development and application of numerical methods of engineering mechanics for solving linear and nonlinear problems. Other research focuses on the mechanical application and development of the finite element method, and the modelling and experimental methods concerning the mechanics of fiber-reinforced composite materials and viscoelastic materials. The department possesses engineering
application competences in all research fields.

The measuring instruments in the department’s laboratory and the finite element and mathematical software packages provide a suitable background for ongoing research at the department.

Győr, Januar 2015

Dr. Balázs Pere
Head of Department, Associate Professor


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